Well it's interesting that Pfizer just admitted a couple days ago that they never tested their vaccine to see if it would "slow the spread". They admitted - and a lot of research coming out now shows - that vaccinated people spread coronavirus just as much as unvaccinated people. Even further that many unvaccinated people are now immune and do not spread the virus at all.

The bottom line is if people want to try an experimental vaccine, that's their right to do so. And if other people want to wait and see what happens in a year or two, that's their right to do so.

No one should be "labeled" or discriminated against - that's like saying that people should be shunned because they take aspirin instead of tylenol.

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Exactly. This woman thinks I'm anti-vax because I opted out of an experiment. I'm not anti-vax at all. I'm anti-being-experimented-on.

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