Where are the reports and study results? When I commission a $50k study, there are clear deliverables expected. When the City and County throw around money, what are they getting? Maybe it would help if they had worked in the private sector for 5 minutes. This is criminal. These bums need to all be voted out, and the equivalent of a special prosecutor (or similar) needs to be appointed in the next administration to investigate this rot and corruption.

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This is just another DemocRat money laundering scam. They are not going to drive around, handing out cash to the homeless. Homeless "programs" need program directors, managers, and other cronies in the party, that, as Tony Soprano used to call it, "get a little taste". Money gets siphoned off for kickbacks up the line before the street people get a dime. This is why the State cut off the Harvey recovery money for Houston, because the DemocRat Gang was keeping most of it.

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GreenBay2023 is correct, when you shop at the grocery store, you make sure the food you paid for ends up in the grocery bags you take to your car.

At a minimum, any award needs a much more detailed Scope of Work before the money is handed over, with required progress reports showing exactly how the money is being spent, and how the actual results are tracking with what was promised to Harris County for the money.

All conflicts of interest should be flagged by the grant requestor, rather than having to be dug out by The Houston Comical, which is doing the work the County should have required from the beginning.

The County really needs to give a grant to The Houston Comical to monitor these grants and keep the conflicts out in the open where the people who are paying the money can see them.

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