Imagine what could happen if lots of churches took an interest in voting out corruption. Moses spoke truth to Pharaoh. Later Moses wrote 4 rules that must apply to all government officials:

1 Candidates must be capable leaders; 2 Candidates must follow the laws laid out by Moses (many of these are part of American laws on the books today); 3 Candidates must be trustworthy and faithful; 4 Candidates must hate bribes and deceit. How do Houston officials stack up?

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Your tone suggests that you may be a leftie or that you are against churches, are you?

Either way, you may want to review the IRS rules which state that two threshold issues for "intervening in an election" include:

1) A Pastor’s statement names a candidate for public office.


2) The timing of the statement is in the timeframe of an election campaign.

Here, there are no announced candidates yet, since the election for those offices is over a year away.

In addition, the campaign for those offices won't start until well into next year.

So the IRS has no legal grounds to investigate the church.

MERISSA: If you want the research on this, just email me and I'll send it to you.

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The left will go after his churches tax exempt status

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Possibly, but the left can't do much of anything without the IRS taking action, which would require a clear endorsement of a specific candidate. I didn't hear that on the clip.

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