The pic of the Deputies outnumbering the communists is priceless.

The Houston Comical's research for this excellent article needs to be turned into action.

It's in everyone's interests to connect the dots laid out in this article.

Intelligent votes on the Harris County budget cannot be held until everyone can clearly see who is behind every vote, and what their true agenda is.

The communists for example are already funding the hiring of the most woke people they can find to work in Harris County government agencies. Most taxpayers have no idea that their money is going to these people, and how they are planning right now to make crime worse, life harder for our law enforcement, and neglect the maintenance of our world class road systems.

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Oct 12, 2022·edited Oct 12, 2022

That is 3 direct Communist Party connections to Harris Co CC. Michael Berry posted a pic on Twitter of Lina at Houston CCP with 2 possible members. I thought it was possibly a fake, so I went to the Houston Communist Party FB page and searched their photos, found some more with Lina in same clothes at what I believe is their Houston Location. It was stamped the night before her 2018 win. I dunno but the eve before my big night I am not likely to be rubbing elbows with CP folks unless of course I valued them highly.

Maybe I am just odd that way but wouldn't have happened if they were the only people who voted for me. Likewise, Penny Shaw ran against Cagle in 2018 and lost only to be hired by Commissioner Adrian Garcia. Now Ellis has this ground krew. What is up Houston?? Pay attention!!

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