I worked as HCRP precinct chair all elections from 2007 to 2019. The party does not have the Will to investigate! I left them after years of trying to make a difference.. they have soo many issues too numerous to address. The only way is to get the Governor involved and sadly he does not have the will either. We need to mirror the Ron DeSantos election laws. It can be done!

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It’s been my experience that the GOP everywhere is focused on national and statewide races, and really doesn’t pay much attention to “down ballot” races because they believe things will just “trickle down” to the local level.

In contrast, the bolsheviks who we are facing, relentlessly chant “all politics is local”. And they are right. They get down on the ground where gritty everyday life is lived. You’ll never see the refined GOP in those trenches.

Which is why the GOP never has a good ground game, doesn’t know what’s happening on the ground, and never sees the train coming until the steal has already occurred.

What we need to face up to is, if we want to restore our great county and country, we will have to bring the suffering masses facing insurmountable odds in this economy, to the social and economic status all of us now enjoy because this county and country was good to our immigrant ancestors.

Can we do it? The GOP has never even thought about it, much less laid out a plan, nor will they. Until we ourselves do that, let’s quit complaining that the bolsheviks want everybody on the government dole. Because desperate people in dire straits will grasp at any hope they can, and you really can’t blame them.

When we have established our own local wing of the GOP that we ourselves run - not political hacks - and which has a real plan to give the yearning masses of our day the same advantages that were given to our immigrant ancestors, that’s when those folks will also listen when we talk about life, God, family, individual rights, and medical freedom. It was the pharisees who walked on by the desperate man laying in the road who needed help.

Unless we do this starting now, and for the next two years we relentlessly pursue changing the social and economic dynamics of our county, with our own feet on the ground, the next Harris County elections will see the last lights extinguished and the goblins reign supreme.

What will it be folks?

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Merissa, with your large following, would you be interested in helping organize a peaceful protest of the voter suppression that transpired during this election? I am ready to do a lot of the work but I don’t have a social media following to organize it.

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There's a protest outside Commissioners Court tomorrow (Tues.) at 10:00. Go to aubreytaylorblogspot.com

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It’s all over but the crying. Only thing to do now is nothing and let these crooks tax and spend and maybe they will steal enough to get indicted

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