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Oct 14, 2022Liked by Merissa Hansen

I think the big smoking gun you've actually made them admit to, is that the Judge clearly HAS a police security detail - but ordinary Harris Countians do not. She, as her attorney admits, is surrounded by police protection at her every step - yet she makes sure "ordinary citizens" have to contend with the felons and murderers that she so eagerly releases every week. Then she blocks the funding that the police need just to stay even with her madness.

The Judge's lawyer admits they have the information that you've asked for, they just don't want anyone to know where she traveled to while she was locking everyone else down. The fact that they admit she was traveling should be a bombshell in itself. Since they mention/admit that police traveled with her and that hotel rooms and air flights were involved - and that they have the records and receipts - she clearly left Houston during that time.

Why is that not an outrage to the people whose businesses were crushed while she was off on "secret trips" with full security detail?

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